With tourism responsible for 1 in every 11 jobs in Canada, and over 2% of its GDP, we need to ensure that the tourism and travel sector is here to stay long after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. 



Prior to COVID-19, tourism was one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and a leading economic driver in Canada.

$105 billion

of which $22.1 billion is export revenue

21.1 million

visitors in 2019

1.8 million jobs

largest employer of

Canadian youth


businesses across


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s tourism economy is in crisis. While some Canadian sectors have experienced a small degree of recovery, Canada’s tourism economy has remained stagnant.


Tourism was the first hit, the hardest hit, and will
be the last to recover.

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  • Health and safety measures are imperative to help rebuild the sector – tourism businesses have complied with all public health regulations, with many going above and beyond by implementing rigorous safety measures to ensure health and safety of employees, their guests and their communities. 

  • The news of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution gives us reason for cautious optimism, however we need to plan for the recovery of Canada’s tourism economy now – so that we are ready when it is safe to reopen.

  • 2021 will be a critical year for the restart of Canada’s tourism economy. 

  • With so much of Canada’s economy relying on the visitor economy (nearly 1 in 10 jobs, $105 billion in annual economic activity, 2% of GDP, and Canada’s 5th largest sector), Canada cannot afford to lose the tourism industry.

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Tourism is not able to recover the same way as other sectors. This is why we need dedicated support for the sector.


TIAC continues to advocate for sector specific government support to ensure the visitor economy in Canada can recover post pandemic.


We strive to work with government to implement a plan so that when it is safe to do so, the tourism economy can restart and thrive.


TIAC’s Tourism Recovery Plan to Ensure Canada’s Tourism Economy Survival and Competitiveness through COVID-19 outlines recommendations to government in the following themes:


•    Supporting Business Solvency
•    Championing Safety
•    Keeping Canada Globally Competitive 


Through the following phases:

•    Response 
•    Recovery
•    Resilience


As the voice of the industry, TIAC looks forward to continued collaboration and dialogue to ensure that these supports are made available in a timely and sector specific way.


Read our 2021 Tourism Recovery Plan  

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