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With tourism responsible for 1 in every 11 jobs in Canada, and over 2% of its GDP, we need to ensure that the tourism and travel sector is here to stay long after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. 



Before COVID-19, tourism was a growing industry and a leading economic driver in Canada.

$102 billion

of which $22.1 billion is export revenue

21.1 million

visitors in 2018

1.8 million jobs

largest employer of

Canadian youth


businesses across


But the pandemic has changed Canada’s tourism landscape, and many businesses are being threatened. Tourism counts, and Canada cannot afford to lose its tourism sector.

  • With so much of Canada’s economy relying on tourism and travel, we cannot afford to lose the tourism and travel sector. That is why we need a strong tourism recovery package to ensure the viability of our sector. 

  • Tourism was one of the fastest-growing industries in the world – but now it will be one of the last to recover. 

  • Significant investments had been made in tourism over the last number of years, including the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy and inclusion of tourism as the 7th Economic Strategy Table. It’s important that we ensure there is a strong tourism industry post-pandemic, to build on these critical investments.

TIAC has launched a broad, industry-developed recovery proposal that seeks sector-specific government support to ensure Canada has a tourism industry post-pandemic.

All of TIAC’s recommendations fall into five core themes, including;

  1. Championing Safety – ensuring coordinated regulatory efforts to develop a climate of public safety and help fund costs for new health and safety requirements.

  2. Sustaining Liquidity & Supporting Solvency – ensuring the sector is positioned to survive the next
    2-24 months, at present, many businesses are at risk of closing.


  3. Enticing Canadians to Travel – positive messaging, when appropriate, reassuring people it is
    safe to travel


  4. Repositioning Canada’s Visitor Economy – to re-emerge a stronger and more cost competitive global tourism competitor

  5. Supercharging the Canadian Economy – fast tracking growth capital

We are ready to engage in meaningful dialogue with Government on how we can collaborate on
reopening the visitor economy.

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